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Welcome to Career Success for Youth!

Dear High School and College Students (and Parents, too!):


I am so pleased to introduce these new webinar-based programs to support you in learning more about your uniqueness so that you can make good choices about the types of careers, college majors, and college environments which could be a great fit with your true self.  


Since you are likely to have many jobs (and even more than one career!) in your life, it is important to learn some great techniques to proactively plan and manage your career right from the beginning!  Choosing the right college and major can be the first step to a lifetime of satisfying experiences.  


There are so many great tools and resources available now which I wish were available when I was planning my college experience and early career.  Unfortunately, many of my own early experiences became "life lessons" know, those lessons learned the hard way which you hope to avoid in the future!


As a result, I have created these programs to share with you the key strategies which I have successfully used to address the many challenges I have faced in my own career and which have supported my clients in achieving success in theirs, as well!


For over 25 years, as a Manager, Executive, Business Owner, Professional Speaker, Career & Business Coach, and Corporate Trainer, I have had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.  And trust me, I have personally experienced, observed, or heard it all....every kind of workplace situation imaginable!  


I hope that you will join me!  I would love to hear your story and support you in transforming your life!  


Susan McGraw

Founder, Career Success for Women & Youth



Susan McGraw
Career Success for
Women & Youth

Webinars for High School & College Students:

Understand your uniqueness so you can make good choices about your career options, select the right college, and find a great job or work experience!


Announcing a Free Webinar for High School Students
(and their parents!):

10 Tips for Selecting a Career and College
Matched to Your Uniqueness


Check back later for the schedule of Summer 2017 programs!

Finding the Right Fit for You!

Tips & Tricks to Select the Right Career, College Major, and College to Match Your Uniqueness

(A 4-session Webinar Series for High School Students)


If you are feeling confused, frustrated, or anxious about trying to decide what type of career you should choose and what college to attend, you are not alone.  Many high school students are overwhelmed with the thought that they may have to live "unhappily ever after" with whatever career or college choice they make today.


The key to future career satisfaction is to truly understand yourself, your strengths, interests, and unique personality style preferences so that you can make great educational, training, and careers choices now and into the future which will support you in being happy and successful.


This 4-session webinar series will give you a clear understanding of your own personality style preferences so that you can choose a career, college major, and a college or university ideally suited to your uniqueness.


7 Steps to a Great Career! 

A 7-session Webinar Series for Youth, ages 16 to 22


Colleges and employers are looking for high quality young adults.  How do they choose among the hundreds or thousands of applicants? One essential factor they evaluate is a candidate's "experience".  So, what type of experience can set you apart from the crowd?


Every experience that you have in high school and college can provide you with life and work skills which are critical to getting into a good college or obtaining a great job. You may have assumed a leadership role in a school club, volunteered for a community service project, completed a work/study program, or participated in other types of projects or programs. Any experience can be included on your resume or in your portfolio of experience.  


If you want to add to your portfolio of experience by applying for an internship opportunity or searching for a paid job during your high school or college years, this program will teach you the 7 Steps to a Great Career!

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