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Welcome to Career Success for Women & Youth

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Welcome to Career Success for Women & Youth!

I am so excited to share with you our programs for women and youth.

For adult women: If you are interested in exploring your style preferences to ensure that your work "fits" you like a comfortable glove, enhancing your leadership style, changing your job or career, dreaming of starting a new business, or dealing with a hostile work environment, come join me in one of the webinar-based courses to learn the most effective tools, techniques, and strategies to enhance your personal happiness and professional success!

For parents: Give your teenagers effective tools to build a foundation for lifelong career success. If your teenager is unsure about how their interests would align with a future career or vocation, confused by the challenge of selecting the right type of college environment, or interested in learning great tips and tricks to finding a summer job or internship, check out our webinar-based programs for young adults.

For organizations serving adult women or youth (ages 10 to 22): If you and your staff are feeling challenged about how to meet the employment needs of your clients, our turn-key training curriculum, with train-the-trainer coaching, will give your staff all of the tools they need to successfully assist your clients in exploring career options or getting a great new job!

I look forward to talking with you soon!


Susan McGraw

Founder, Career Success for Women & Youth

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