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Career Development & Employment Training Programs
for Organizations Serving Women and Youth



Many organizations provide supportive services to women and youth to address a variety of health and wellness concerns. Even though employment training may not be their primary mission, these organizations recognize the critical role which employment plays in supporting a client's self-sufficiency.  As a result, their staff may strive to support their clients in getting a job, although the staff may not have the training, education, expertise, tools, or resources to do so effectively.


If your organization serves women or youth, you may be faced with some of these challenges:

  • With limited staff resources, you may find it difficult to find innovative ways to meet the needs of your clients.

  • The number of clients you serve may be increasing while resources are declining.

  • Recognizing that having a job fosters self-sufficiency, your staff may feel that they do not have the tools, training, or education to effectively support your clients in getting a great job quickly and efficiently.

  • You or your staff may find yourselves repeating the same information over and over to each client individually.

  • Someone on your team may be spending time researching job search information and trying to piece together handouts to help your clients.

  • Without effective tools and techniques, your staff may create a negative, demotivating environment for your clients, rather than being a positive force for change.

Give your staff the tools to provide high-quality, cost-effective career development and employment training for women of all ages or youth (ages 10 to 22). The turn-key curriculum for these programs provides your staff with everything they need to deliver fun, interactive, and experiential workshops to your clients.  

The programs include:

  • A Trainer/Facilitator Kit:

    • Step-by-step instructions for your staff to facilitate each workshop session

    • PowerPoint slides to support each workshop session (not included in the 2 hands-on programs for girls, ages 10 to 13)

  • A Train-the-Trainer webinar-based coaching session to support your staff in using the curriculum successfully with your clients

  • Participant Workbooks (purchased for your clients on an "as needed" basis)

For Women:
6 Steps to a Great Job!

Your staff can support women in transition using the "6 Steps to a Great Job!" program.  A series of 7 workshop sessions, the program provides a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to exploring career and employment options, designing a short and long-range career transition plan, implementing effective job search strategies, and landing a great job!  The 14-hour program can be delivered to any size group, and can be offered in 2 hour segments, 4 half-day sessions, or 2 full-days.  


Learn more about the "6 Steps to a Great Job!"



For Youth (ages 10 to 22):


What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

This program is designed for girls, ages 10 to 13, to have fun while exploring career options.  Totalling 12 to 15 hours of programming, this workshop can be offered in short modules or can be combined into half day or full day programs. Participants are exposed to career concepts including identifying their strengths, interests, uniqueness, enjoyable careers, possible educational opportunities, etc. Highly interactive, the program incorporates games, team challenges, art projects, role playing, visioning, and story telling.    


Learn more about "What Do I Want to Be
When I Grow up?"



I Want to Start My Own Business!
Girls, ages 10 to 13, have fun creating and selling products and services in this 15-hour entrepreneurial program. Creating decorative candle holders (the products) and providing manicures (the service), the girls produce the products, calculate the cost, determine selling price, develop marketing materials, practice their "sales" pitch, and work in teams to sell their products and services. And they love sharing the profits!   


Learn more about "I Want to Start My Own Business"



What's Your Story?  
An Asset Development and Presentation Skills Program

This program for youth, ages 16 to 22, provides the opportunity to enhance their presentation skills and build self-esteem as they use a variety of techniques to talk about themselves, their background, strengths, accomplishments, uniqueness, goals, and vision for the future. Utilizing PowerPoint software, participants learn how to use visual tools to assist them in telling their story.  The program concludes with the participants presenting their "stories" to an audience of enthusiastic listeners. In addition to presentation skills, this program assists participants in preparing for school and  job interviews.    

Learn more about "What's Your Story?"


The 7 Steps to a Great Job!

This program is designed to provide youth and young adults with the skills to explore career options, find a job or internship which is aligned with their interests and skills, and be a great employee on the job.  By incorporating state-of-the-art technology tools, including a secret Facebook Job Club, YouTube teen/young adult success stories, and pre/post interview video coaching, participants are actively engaged in learning career development skills that will serve them throughout their adult lives.  "7 Steps to a Great Job!" is designed to support your staff in delivering a workshop series, totalling 15 to 20 hours of programming time, which can be delivered as 1.5 to 2 hour modules, 5 half-day sessions, or a 3-day program. It can be offered to small or large groups, depending upon available space. 


Learn more about the "7 Steps to a Great Job!"


For girls,

ages 10 to 13

For young men & women,

ages 16 to 22.

Each program includes:   
  • Trainer/Facilitator Kit:
    • Trainer/Facilitator Guide with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to deliver each workshop series to your clients.  
    • PowerPoint slides to support the delivery of the workshops (not included in the two hands-on programs for girls, ages 10 to 13).
    • Train-the-Trainer Coaching Session for staff.
  •  Participant Workbooks (purchased on an "as needed" basis).
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