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What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

A Career Development Training Program for Organizations Serving Girls, ages 10 to 13


This program is designed for girls, ages 10 to 13, to have fun while exploring career options. Participants are exposed to career concepts including identifying their strengths, interests, uniqueness, enjoyable careers, possible educational opportunities, etc. Highly interactive, the program incorporates games, team challenges, art projects, role playing, visioning, and story telling.  

Program Format: 
Curriculum supports 12 to 15 hours of programming, which can be delivered as five half-day sessions (3 hours/session), a 2.5 day program, or as individual 1.5 hour modules.


Target Audience: 
Middle school girls, ages 10 to 13.


This program supports youth in thinking expansively about their future, enhancing their self-esteem, and realizing that they can do or be anything they envision with their hearts and minds. Through art projects, creative writing, journaling, and role play, participants tap their creativity to explore various types of jobs and careers.
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Use visualization techniques, creative writing, drawing, and collage making to imagine their future at ages 15, 20, and 30.

  • Identify their strengths (what they enjoy and do well) and explore career and job opportunities which match those strengths.

  • Recognize that strengths can be directed into numerous types of careers or jobs. 

  • Evaluate training, education, and skill requirements for various jobs or careers.

  • Write a front page news story of a personal success they imagine they may achieve by age 30.

  • Create or invent something new, envisioning a career or business that doesn’t exist now.

The program includes:

  • A Trainer/Facilitator Kit:

    • Step-by-step instructions for your staff to facilitate
      the workshop sessions.

  • A Train-the-Trainer webinar-based coaching session to support your staff in using the curriculum successfully with your clients.

  • Participant Workbooks (purchased for your clients on an "as needed" basis).

Give your staff the tools they need to effectively support youth in exploring career options!

Purchase the Program and Become a Certified Organization:

The "What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?" program offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to provide a high quality, effective program to their clients, while increasing staff productivity, and reducing the cost of service delivery.


By purchasing a Trainer/Facilitator Kit and having your staff attend the Train-the-Trainer Coaching Session, your organization will be designated a "Certified Non-Profit Organization" and will have the right to purchase Participant Workbooks on an ongoing, "as needed" basis, and will not be charged for sales tax. "Certified Non-Profit Organizations" are required to submit a copy of their current tax-exempt certificate. 


Trainer/Facilitator Kit:

Each organization is welcome to purchase one (1) Trainer/Facilitator Kit for their organization, which can be shared among the staff.  The Trainer/Facilitator Kit includes:

  • A spiral bound Trainer/Facilitator Guide with instructions on how to deliver each step of the program.  This Guide is copyright protected and is not to be reproduced.  

  • A program evaluation form, which may be reproduced by the purchasing organization so that participants can provide feedback on each segment of the program.

  • NOTE:  Since this program is entirely "hands-on" with young children, PowerPoint slides are not included with this program.

Train the Trainer Coaching Session for your staff:

In addition to the comprehensive Trainer/Facilitator Kit, the package also includes a six-hour, online, webinar-based, Train the Trainer coaching session for your staff with Susan McGraw, the founder of Career Success for Women & Youth, and the author of the "What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?" program.  This webinar program will provide your staff with a variety of training tips and techniques, along with all of the support they will need to feel 100% confident in delivering this program to your clients.  Using an online, webinar system, your staff does not even need to leave your office or their home to actively engage in this training.   Staff can work from their own computer or you can set up a computer attached to a projector and screen in a conference room at your office and the team can attend as a group.  The program can be delivered in one 2-hour segment.  


All of the components of the "What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?" Trainer/Facilitator Kit and Train the Trainer Coaching Session for your staff. are available to non-profit organizations for a one-time fee of $499, plus shipping and handling.  


Participant Workbooks:

A "Certified Non-Profit Organization" is eligible to order copies of the Participant Workbooks on an "as needed" basis.  Participant Workbooks are priced at $10.00 for each Participant Workbook, plus shipping and handling.




Give your staff the tools they need to effectively support youth in exploring career options!

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